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Get Ready for our 3rd BEERversary!!

Cheers All! Hopefully by this point you have all caught wind of our 3rd BEERversary Party on September 1st! This is obviously in celebration of reaching our third year, but more importantly, a celebration of our devoted mug clubbers! Starting at 4pm we will release a FREE keg of our annual Hoppy Cop Doughnut Beer exclusively for mug clubbers! (It will be available for purchase as well by all patrons, but Mug Clubbers Drink this keg for FREE on September 1st! Im not sure it gets much better than that! We will also have Live music by Ryan Ambs from 4-6pm and by Smalltown from 6-8pm! We also hope to take a group photo of as many mug clubbers as possible and pass out the new cards! So if you're a mug clubber don't miss this awesome event! If you're not a mug clubber yet, What are you waiting for???

In addition to the annual doughnut beer, we also have a Purple Pilsner, a Hefeweizen and the Kolsch coming back in the near future!

We have Trivia tonight and then again on the 5th of September! On the 12th we will be right back into our Fall Season and it will once again be weekly on Wednesdays for 12 weeks! So get your dunce caps on!

Also come see us this Thursday for the Clare portion of the 127 Motor Tour! Festivities in town start at 4pm and we will have outdoor seating! Weather is supposed to be great and there's always room for a pint!

Have an idea for a beer you would like to see on tap in the future? Drop us a message or comment on the facebook page! If we get them before tonight your trivia team could start out with 5 extra points! CHEERS!

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