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Four Leaf Tacos

Check out our weekly updated Taco's for Four Leaf Brewing's very own Taco Tuesday! 

Chef Andy Bryans loves to bring you a farm to table Taco Tuesday with fresh and savory ingredients each week.   Stop in and grab these tasty tacos while supplies lasts.  

For any hot sauce aficionados, we'll have some of Chef Andy's very own recipes available for purchase. 
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Andy Bryans

Taco & Hot Sauce Chef Extraordinaire

Andy is a Clare native, and currently resides in Mount Pleasant.  He has been dedicated and hard working for 15 years in the restaurant industry.  This has given him the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business while developing his culinary skills and palate. He's known as a "foodie" and will be his biggest critic while in the kitchen experimenting, researching, and taking on the challenge of new recipes. 

Our team was thrilled to have him become a part of the Four Leaf Brewing family and he was happy to showcase his flavorful flare through his recipes. He's been excited about bringing a variety of new, fun, and authentic flavors not typically available in downtown Clare, even if it's wrapped in a tortilla. 

Hot Sauces too? Absolutely! As a hobby, Andy creates his own hot sauces which he likes to sell to family and friends (there maybe a few bottles floating around Four Leaf, just ask!)

If he's not in the kitchen, you can find him tending to his massive collection of houseplants, and/or gardening. He owns Plants&Props, which is an Etsy shop where he sells houseplants and specialty potting mixes. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending it with family and friends, with cold drinks, good food, and preferably on the water. 


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