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2.22.18 Thursday

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Four Leaf Brewing (FLB) is happy to announce an Open Mic events co-hosted with Sound Engineer Steve Gilray. We consider Open Mic to be a laid-back community stage and provide the following points to ensure regulars, newbies, and customers can all enjoy it.

Provided By FLB - Sound engineer, PA system, 2 Floor Monitors, 2 SM58s, Direct boxes, Electric Piano & Mid-rise stools. Special request for other venue provided equipment will be consider if given with plenty of notice. Special request for equipment have no guarantees.

The Hosts- Is always right.  And has the right to change the order of acts, cancel the event, or deem a performance done at any point.  

Sign up- must be present to reserve a play spot, you can only sign up yourself, not anyone else. Sign up starts at 7.30 pm, it is first come first serve.

In The Audience- watch, talk softly, clap, enjoy and if you think someone played well, had a nice voice or wrote a creative song, let them know. Enjoy a beverage or other purchase from FLB and always tip/appreciate your wait staff.

Before Your Performance – Know the performance line up and your spot in it. Make sure your instrument is tuned, space in the back of the house can be utilized by request from wait staff. Readiness of performers will help transitions between acts go smoothly.

Your Performance – Have fun. Nerves and mistakes happen to everyone, play on and enjoy. Every performance is appreciated and inspiring to each other’s creativity. No drinks on stage, liquids plus electrical equipment doesn’t mix.

Recording Your Performance- FLB is working to provide a great venue for this open mic event, feel free to record/video tape your act. 

After Performance – Don’t play and fly. Hang out to enjoy and support your fellow performer’s.

QUESTIONS/SUGGESTIONS/FEEDBACK – We are always interested in hearing from you, on as well as  off the stage. Please email-Facebook-website post to us any questions/suggestions/feedback on our Open Mic Nights.

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