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1st Trivia night a Success!!

Another week is in the wraps for us here at Four Leaf and what a week it was! We held our first trivia night on Wednesday and it was alot of fun! The winners with an overall score of 54pts was a team that goes by the name of "ButtCheese." Evidently there is a unique way to say it, but hey its spelled the way it is. lol. They definitely brought their "A" game and all three of the team members went home with Four Leaf Gift Cards for a future visit!

"ButtCheese" Trivia Team!

Today we also released our Maple Sap Ale "Bugged Out." This is a malty, caramel centric ale that gets a woody dry finish from the fermentation of the sap which was used in place of water during the brewing process. This will be a limited release, so be sure to stop in for a pint and you can even take a growler home! We have a lot of things upcoming for Four Leaf to kick off the Summer. A Belgian Tripel, A Dunkles Bock and a Kentucky Common for the Kentucky Derby are just a few of the beers we are currently working on. On top of that we have numerous events here at the brewery as well as local beer festivals we will be attending. Check out our upcoming events page to make sure you stay in the loop!

If you missed this weeks awesome fun at trivia, don't worry, the next trivia night is already scheduled for May 3rd and we will probably go weekly on Wednesday Nights after that! Check out the trivia page on the website, which will be up and running on Monday for all the rules and information, as well as a little glimpse into what the upcoming weeks topics will be. Get a little edge up on the competition. Cheers!!

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