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Whats new with the BREW!!!!

We're heading into summer with a ton of great fun here at Four Leaf! Our weekly Trivia nights have turned into quite the fun! Going into week 3 tomorrow, the current standings are:


If you haven't had a chance to join the fun yet come on out tomorrow and check it out!! I will even start you out with a Bonus 5 points for knowing this word: GATEKEEPER.

Gatekeeper will be our century beer that will be released by the end of August to commemorate the 100th batch brewed here at Four Leaf! It is a Cascadian Dark Ale (AKA Black IPA) with 100 IBUS and will ring in at 8.5-9% ABV. I am excited for it to hit the taps later this summer!! We also anticipate the summer releases of our original Hoppy Cop Donut Beer, our Golden Horizon WitBier and our new SMASHMouth Belma Pilsner that is actively fermenting away!

One more thing that has been a hit is our new Taco Tuesdays!!! Our guest chef Paul has been knocking out some killer tacos!! And coming from me, an original SoCal Native and self proclaimed taco fanatic, that is quite a compliment!! Stop in tonight and check out his creative selection of tacos for this week:


Grilled Beef Brisket

Roasted Alaskan Salmon &

Pacific wild-caught Cod Ceviche

My mouth is already watering!!

As always, the beers are flowing! Even the Very limited release of Tiramisu Stout!! Pair that with one of Paul's Grilled Beef Brisket Tacos and you are in for a treat!

DONT FORGET AUGUST 3rd!!! National IPA day!!!! Were going to hit the taps with IBU overload!!


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