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Meet the Brewer

Doug closely monitoring the progress of Misfit.  Our first Barrel Aged Beer!

Four Leaf Brewing had the opportunity to meet Doug in June of 2016 as he was finishing up the Fermentation Science Certificate Program at Central Michigan University. He seemed to be a great fit to our team and agreed to come on board as our Brewer. Doug is originally from the Central Michigan area but spent most of his time growing up in Bakersfield, Ca. He comes from a background of homebrewing in his own garage, and upon retiring from the Marine Corps, he followed his brewing passion to CMU's fermentation science program. His love for people and craft beer has been a great fit to the Four Leaf family. Doug enjoys brewing all styles of beer and likes to keep his craft true to style, but will occasionally throw in a unique twist of brewing ingredients to enhance the beers. He has a strong love of IPA's and beers that contain Smoke and Rye. Doug will continue to update the Brewer's Corner Blog on a routine basis to keep you informed on upcoming beers, Four Leaf events, and anything else Beer!! Feel free to raise a toast and say hi to him next time you visit Four Leaf! Cheers!!

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