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Rules of play:
1.  VERY IMPORTANT!!  No use of cell phones or other outside reference materials.
2.  Please do not call out any answers (even if you are just trying to be funny).
3.  No collaborating with other teams.
4.  Once an answer sheet has been turned in, teams may NOT change their answer or add on a double down unless instructed to do so by the host.
5.  The Four Leaf trivia host will have final say in all circumstances during play.
6.  In order to earn nightly prizes, teams may not have more than four players on any given night.  Your team may play the game with more than four players, but in that instance your team will ONLY receive the standard 5 participation points and will be ineligible for nightly prizes.  For the purposes of this rule, anyone situated at your table or team area is considered to be a part of your team, regardless of their actual input. 

Earning Four Leaf Trivia standings points:
1.  Each team that plays at least 6 rounds of trivia in a nightly event earns 5 points. 
2.  Finishing 1st in a nightly event will earn an additional 7 points.
3.  Finishing 2nd in a nightly event will earn an additional 4 points.
4.  Finishing 3rd in a nightly event will earn an additional 3 points.
5.  Finishing 4th in a nightly event with 10 or more teams will earn an additional 2 points.

6.  Points earned for correct answers each week will also be added in the total team standings.

Qualifying for the Four Leaf Main Event: 
1.  All rankings and standings are based on Team points as outlined above.
3.  Each team's name must remain the same throughout the season.
4.  There is no maximum team size during the course of the season, but teams may play with no more than four people in order to earn prizes on any given night.
6.  In order to be eligible for the Main Event, individual players must have competed in at least FOUR nightly events at ANY time in the season with Four Leaf Trivia.
7.  Individual players may play on different teams during the season but must declare a Main Event team by week 4 of the season. (or the first week of play if they start after week 4.)
8.  The team that finishes the regular season with most points will be declared house champion.

9. The top five teams that finish the regular season with the most points will be invited to the Main Event.
10.  Teams can guarantee their weekly spot by reserving a table by the Monday before the weekly event.  Failure to reserve will result in playing on a first come first serve basis. Reserving a table and failing to show up to play will disqualify that team from any future trivia reservations.
12.  Teams qualifying for the Main Event must reply and confirm attendance within seven days of the event (Main Event Rules will be published later in the season.)

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